We are Supplying Natural and synthetic fibre to the leading industries of textile,building,Plastic,automotive industries and agro-industrial.Use in the industrial level improves the environmental sustainability of the parts being Constructed, especially with in the automotive market.

Within the building industry, the interest in natural fibres is mostly economical and technical.

Scientists are doing extensive research to improve the use of natural and synthetic fibre in the industrial level and alternative to plastic products so environmental will be saved for our future generation.

We support R & D departments for innovation of new products and techniques for extensive use of Natural and Synthetic fibre.

All innovation starts from the young age and the same can be experimented with text books knowledge. Students any idea developed to next level of design, implementation with existing products or found new products than they will start their journey as scientist and will innovate minimum 10 products.

We are supporting students by providing materials,research journal and if needed personalised supports.