Natural Mat is made of pure fibres and it is used for different purpose. We provide the natural mat based on the customer demand with specification. We are supplying the mat overseas customer and other part of India.

We provide the below cellulose fibres mat with high quality :

  • Banana mat
  • Pineapple mat
  • Sisal mat
  • Jute mat
  • Flax mat
  • Kenaf mat
  • Coir mat

This fibers have highest tensile strength, Ancient Egyptian used clay that was reinforced by straw to build walls in the beginning of 20th centuary. At present natural fiber composit are mainly found in automotive and building industry and then mostly in application where load bearing capacity and dimensional stability under moist and high thermal condition

The natural fiber composites can be very cost effective material for following applications:

* Building and construction industry : panels of partition and false ceiling, partition boards, wall, floor, window and door frames, roof tiles, mobile or pre fabricated buildings which can be used in times of natural calamities such floods ,cyclones, earthquakes etc.
* Storage devices : post-boxes, grain storage silo, bio-gas containers, etc.
* Electric devices : electrical appliances, pipes etc.
* Every day appliances : Lamp shades, suitcases, helmets, etc.
* Transportation :Aerospace, automobile and railway coach interior, boat etc.